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About us

massmedia ltd. incorporates more than 20 web projects, characterized by a unique and inovative opportunities.

NDTcareers.com is one of the largest portal in inspection world. After the successful start of this web site the group launched the development and gained shares of several other websites in a variety of other categories. Our diversified portfolio consists of sites such as recrutment, news, technologies, entertainment and more.

massmedia ltd. deals with creating and managing of Internet projects and is one of fastest-developing web media groups.

massmedia ltd. is specializes in specific target niches.

massmedia ltd. offers innovative techniques for web technology and information presentation.

A dynamic inovative platform, easily adapting to the constantly changing internet environment, massmedia ltd. has the ambition to evolve together with its public, transforming itself into an integrated part of people’s emotions on- and offline.


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